Buiksloterham is an area located in Amsterdam North. This area has been a place for a huge dynamic for industrialization since ages, and they are now developing rapidly. The municipality of Amsterdam started to develop this area in 2005 for a potential of creating a mixed urban area and increasing DIY housing market. According to the opportunity of Buiksloterham itself, some traditional business will remain the same while others will transform into a business center for smaller offices. These will be including architectural agencies, graphic design firms, and consultancy firms growing together with a living area to serve people who want to live next to their offices.




Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 7.34.57 PMMarcel van Wees, Informatieborden Ceuvel 

In the future, Buiksloterham will consist of 2,000 homes built, 700 social sectors, 30% of social housing and mixed area for living and working which have their special character. At the head of the area along the IJ and the Johan van, Hasselt Canal will attend a dominant position. In those locations may be realized up to 70% housing due to the differences in degree of mixing, and density results in a large variation in homes and work environments.

There will be more dynamic to the area and a new infrastructure for facilities and public spaces. For a physical geographic of Buiksloterham, as being an industrialized area, make the soil polluted and contaminated. As a result, the De ceuval project was created for being a prototype area for the sustainable neighborhood. Moreover, Delva architect will collaborate with the municipality also to create a sustainable goal for overall the area such as zero waste system, renewable energy, encourage entrepreneurship, etc.


Nowadays, Amsterdam North is increasingly growing, as can be seen from former arises of media companies, such as 3d printing house, MTV settlements in NDSM and a new research laboratory building for Shell company. As a result, these movements rise a quality of an urban residential area in Amsterdam North.

So far, Buiksloterham has been attracted by new entrepreneurs to initiates new business community that will gradually be an interesting network in Amsterdam.

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